Zesty avocado & moringa pasta


Bit of a spontaneous recipe coming your way right now, but why not eh? Who doesn’t love a little spontaneity? I was recently sent a selection of superfood products from one of my favourite brands, to play around with and I had half of THE MOST PERFECT avocado you’ve ever seen sitting on the top shelf of my fridge, so obviously I had to make avocado pasta.. duh. I haven’t made avocado pasta in years.. literally; which I now know was a huuuuuge mistake because avocado pasta is seriously good! Avocados are an amazing cream substitute in both sweet and savoury recipes, as they just have the perfect texture to create a really smooth consistency, as well as being packed full of healthy fats.. and tasting great- that’s very important too! 


The pasta that I’ve used here is a brown rice pasta, so is completely gluten free and actually still tastes like normal pasta. So much so, that my brother tried it with some pesto and LIKED IT.. and he’s a pretty fussy eater when it comes to healthy food. This might just be me, but I also find that brown rice pasta is much quicker to cook that regular pasta.. which is obviously a bonus! But then again, I haven’t actually cooked regular pasta in a pretty long time, so it might be exactly the same! Oh, another great thing about this is that brown rice is a slow releasing carbohydrate, which will help to avoid crazy blood sugar spikes and will hopefully help to promote a nice slow release of energy to power you through the day. 



As for the sauce, I’ve already mentioned one magical ingredient: avocado, but there’s also another special something in there.. moringa powder! This is a superfood powder that you can add into a multitude of different dishes, sweet or savoury. I can’t say I really notice the flavour too much in this, so you don’t need to worry about it making your food taste weird. It’s a good source of plant protein, iron, calcium and magnesium, so is definitely something that I’d like to try and use more of in meals. I’ve also added in some cider vinegar, olive oil and fresh lime juice to create a really refreshing, zingy flavour that’s perfect for summer. This works really well as a main or would also be a great side dish to serve in a buffet style spread at a summer BBQ. 







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