White Chocolate Coated Mince Pie Bites

Enter, my favourite energy bite recipe ever.

These are little balls of white chocolate covered, nutty, chewy, sweet, festive spiced deliciousness.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of mince pies themselves, I love the flavour and pretty much anything that involves cinnamon and ginger. The sweetness of the white chocolate compliments the warming, spiced, nutty energy bite centre. This definitely makes them more of an indulgent treat (it is Christmas after all), but you could always omit the chocolate coating if you just wanted to make some tasty, healthy snacks.

These would be the perfect thing to serve as little after dinner treats or even to give as a home made gift. I’ve added some crushed candy canes on top for that extra little touch of festive decoration and they also provide little hits of crunch and minty flavour with each bite!


  • 1 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup cashew nuts 1 cup soft pitted dates
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • Tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • Tbsp coconut oil
  • Tbsp Good Guru good Berries
  • Tsp orange zest
  • 100g white chocolate
  • Tsp coconut oil


Pop all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend until well combined and the mixture sticks together. You can add a few extra dates or coconut oil if needed

Roll this into balls and place these onto a plate or tray lined with parchment and allow them to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Melt your vegan white chocolate and carefully roll each of the balls in this to evenly coat them. Garnish with some crumbled candy cane and return these to the fridge to set for an hour.

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