Very Berry Valentines Truffles

I must admit, I haven’t been nearly as organised with blog content and posting as I’d intend this year. Yes, January started off pretty well and I was sticking firmly to my New Year’s goal of publishing three posts per week.. but life has kinda’ turned upside down for me recently, so I’ve been a little all over the place, to say the least! I apologise for my absence both on here and social media, but to be honest.. it hasn’t been the easiest of times for me and I’ve needed to focus my attention on myself and showing some self love and care. This is something that I think lots of us neglect, as we’re so busy and always have an endless to-do list to work through. However, looking after both your mental and physical well being really is of the upmost importance and definitely something that should never be neglected because, after all, if you’re not feeling amazing, then this will have an impact on other aspects of your life! Yes, work is important, but surely you want to be fit and well enough to perform tasks to the best of your ability right? It’s taken me such a long time to realise these things and also realise that work is exactly that.. work! I love my work.. like I really, REALLY love it! Blogging and recipe creating was my hobby long before it became a career, but Its important to remember that there is more to life than work. Enjoying time and experiences with loved ones is truly invaluable and looking after your health is also vital. We spend a lot of time thinking about physical health and looking after that aspect of our lifestyles, but I feel that mental health can sometimes be neglected. This is equally as important and allowing yourself a little time to relax and really look after yourself can make a world of difference. 

Speaking of love and self care.. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate such an occasion than with something pink and chocolatey! When I think of Valentines Day, the two things that instantly come to mind are chocolate and pink flowers! Whether you’re making these to give to a special someone, share with friends or simply to treat yourself in front of a good rom-com.. these are a deliciously sweet, fruity and chocolatey treat! 

The inside is a a little like a coconut macaroon or bounty bite.. except with a sweet, fruity twist and awesome purple colour. I love the fact that when you bite into these little chocolatey balls, there’s a beautiful pop of purple colour beaming back at you! I think making your own Valentines day chocolates is a really cute and different gift idea that people would really appreciate. My boyfriend took part in Veganuary last month and this month is going refined sugar free, so he finds it quite hard to enjoy sweet treats at the moment! Making him desserts and chocolates is the easiest and most cost effective option for him to still be able to tuck into an indulgent treat on the regular. 

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