Vegan Unicorn Raw Cheesecakes

These were one of the sweet snacks that I made for an event that I catered for the other day and they went down so well, that I wanted to make sure that I shared the recipe with you all on here!

I’ve always loved experimenting with different raw cheesecake flavours and I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to try making a unicorn coloured one! The incredible mermaid blue colour comes from blue spirulina.. but don’t worry, the cake doesn’t taste of swampy flavoured greens powders like you might be imagining! The flavour pairing is the perfect combination of delicate sweetness with a slightly sour fruity kick from the berry filling and jam topping. I’ve always been a huge fan of a fresh and fruity dessert over something chocolatey, so this is right up my street!

Despite being decadently sweet and looking incredibly indulgent, these cakes are dairy, gluten and also refined sugar free.. oh and also completely plant based. So judging by these, enjoying vegan desserts definitely doesn’t mean compromising on delicious tasting treats!

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