Vegan chocolate orange mousse


If you’re a fan of the chocolate orange flavour combo, then I think it’s highly likely that you’re going to love this! This chocolate mousse may be vegan and refined sugar free, but it’s just as rich, creamy and decadent as a regular chocolate mousse. So, the secret to creating that gorgeous velvety texture without using any cream? Avocado! It might sound a little bit strange using an avocado in a sweet dessert recipe, but you honestly can’t even taste it in there! Of course, as this is a chocolate mousse, it needs to be deliciously sweet as well as having that gorgeously rich, chocolatey flavour and there’s actually no added sweeteners in here whatsoever.. all of the sweetness comes from fruit! I’ve used a combination of bananas and dates, which together create a truly heavenly caramelised sweet flavour and also help to add even more creaminess to the mousse. 


This recipe started life as a plain chocolate mousse, until I realised that there was already a similar recipe on the blog, so I wanted to give it a little twist to come up with something a little more unique to share with you guys. I’ve mentioned a few times before about how I’m currently loving the mint chocolate and orange chocolate combinations, so thought one of these would be the perfect place to begin. For some reason, I just can’t shake the whole chocolate orange obsession.. I think I could literally eat about 100 bars of the raw orange chocolate that’s in my fridge right now! I don’t know what exactly it is about it, but I love the combination of the rich chocolate against the vibrant, fruity kick from the orange.. and it works really well in this mousse! 

These make for the perfect dessert for pretty much any occasion really. If you’re looking to impress your dinner guests or simply fancy treating yourself to something a little bit special on a Friday night, then this could be just the recipe for such an occasion. What’s more, there’s virtually no prep work involved; alls you need to do is whizz a few ingredients together in a blender and voila! You’re left with a delicious, slightly healthier dessert in under 10 minutes, perfect! 





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