Vegan Blueberry French Toast

What does everyone want for a breakfast in bed delivery on a Sunday morning.. well, French toast of course! I mean, what better way to start the day, than with a delicious mouthful of warm, sweet toast topped with a gooey, melted blueberry sauce? Who would say no to that?

Typically, French toast is made by soaking the bread in a sweet egg mixture, however, this version is completely vegan, therefore is both egg and dairy free! How, you ask? Well.. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see for that one! Okay, well basically I’ve just used mashed bananas instead, so no big secret there. Bananas are one of the various different ingredients that I love to use as replacements for eggs and oil in recipes such as: cookies, pancakes, cakes, breads.. and now in the likes of French toast as well. They help to bind other ingredients together, provide moisture and also have that really tasty naturally sweet flavour. They work really well when making vegan pancakes- so if you’re yet to try that, then I wouldn’t definitely recommend giving it a go!  

The real icing on the cake and what I feel truly makes this dish that little bit extra special is without a doubt, the blueberry sauce. As much as my sweet tooth has definitely grown over the years, I’m still in favour of more fruity, sour flavours and this sauce adds that extra kick if flavour that I crave! It’s so fresh, vibrant and also a good source of vitamins from the amazing berries! You could pretty much create this with any berries of choice really; I’m sure raspberries or blackberries would taste great here too. 

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