Vegan Blueberry Crisp Bars

Seeing as the last crumble bar recipe went down so well last time, I thought I’d experiment with some other filling and flavour combinations. These have slightly more of a biscuity, shortbread texture in comparison to my last batch; which is a delicious combination paired with the sweet, juicy blueberry filling!

Similarly to my last batch, these are also vegan, refined sugar free and also gluten free. Easy to make and will definitely be a positive addition to your lunchbox snacking situation.

These have been one of my current favourite batch cooking snack recipes. I love anything that you can prep in a large tray because you can just double up the quantities and batch cook them ready for an unlimited supply of healthy, tasty treats!

They’re perfect if you fancy something sweet mid-morning or afternoon to accompany your cuppa or even for a special breakfast treat if you’re really in a hurry! I mean, maybe not the best breakfast option on a daily basis.. but once in a while can’t hurt!

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