Vegan Berry Bounty Bars

I’ve eaten far too many more of these than I’d care to admit of the past week. I seem to find myself dipping in and out of the fridge for a quick bite! They’re the perfect balance of light, sweet, coconutty flavour, paired with a rich outer chocolate shell! They’re literally everything that I’m obsessed with- as you’ll know I’m a huge coconut fan through and through!

They’re also fitting with my current favourite colour and Instagram theme.. pink haha! I got a little too into the whole pink food for Valentine’s Day thing this year and just can’t seem to stop. It’s actually Valentine’s Day as I’m writing this post; the evening to be precise and for the first time in 8 years, I’m not currently in a relationship. People who don’t know me personally won’t know this, but I was actually in a relationship from the age of 16 and we got engaged on my birthday of 2018 (last year). I’ve now been single since October and life has been very different to say the least. I wouldn’t say that Valentine’s Day this year has been difficult, but it has led me to really think about things a lot throughout the day.

I feel like today is something that people either love or hate and I know lots of single people that feel really unhappy surrounding Valentine’s Day and this has got me thinking about a few things. I’ve spoken a little bit more about this on a recent Instagram post, which you can read if you head over to my feed. In summary, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re alone. Today I’ve been thinking about how blessed I am to have my life, my home, my family, friends, career and beautiful puppy. We have so much in life to be thankful and great-full for, which doesn’t need to be defined by a relationship status. It is amazing when you find someone that you love to spend time with, can laugh with and want to spend the rest of your life with ;but it’s so important to work on yourself and be happy with you.


  • 2 cups desiccated coconut
  • 1/2 packed cup pitted dates
  • 3 heaped tsp Good Guru Good berries powder
  • 65g vegan dark chocolate
  • Tbsp vegan butter or coconut oil
  • Rose Petals For Garnish + Extra Berry powder


To make the bounty bar filling, combine the coconut and dates in a high speed blender or food processor and blend until sticky. Add in the berry powder and blend again. 

Once you can press the mixture together with your fingers and it holds together, you’re good to go. If you need to, add more dates or a little coconut oil. 

Pour the mixture into a baking dish and firmly press down. Pop this into the freezer for 2 hours+ to set.

Once the bars are ready, melt your chocolate and butter together.

Slice the coconut bars into portions then coat each of these in the melted chocolate, then garnish with the rose petals and a sprinkling of berry powder. 

Leave these to chill for a further hour to allow the chocolate to set before serving.

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