Unbelievable Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oats & Product Review

I’m trying to include more product reviews and recommendations on the blog and across my social media channels, in order to be able to share more of my favourite things with you all. I absolutely love creating and sharing recipes, but I also want to be able to start introducing you to some of the products that I love to use and maybe encourage you to try some new things, that you’ll hopefully love too! 

So, today I wanted to mention something that I’ve used in recipes for quite some time now and take myself as a natural supplement when I feel that I need an extra little boost. The products that I’m talking about are from a brand called Unbeelievable Health, who you may have seen that I’ve worked with on previous occasions with some tasty recipe creations! I’ve been trying out a selection of their products; Bee Prepared, Bee Energised and Bee Energised Max Strength. Sometimes I will just take these on their own in the capsule form and other times I’ll open up the capsules and try mixing them into various different recipes such as: porridges, smoothie bowls and even no-bake desserts and sweet treats. I honestly find that you can’t taste the powder once it’s mixed into the porridge or smoothie and it you’re getting an extra boost of goodness with very little effort and fuss! So, like with most of my product reviews, I wanted to split this post into a few key sections, to try and cover the mains bits of info that I tend to look for in a product review- so I hope you find it interesting! 

What I love?

The main thing that I really love about the brand and these products is that they’re a really natural supplement which include Bee Propolis, as well as a whole host of other incredible ingredients. All of the ingredients are natural and there’s nothing artificial in there what so ever! I think it’s amazing that people are becoming a lot more conscious and aware of the foods that we’re consuming and feeding out bodies, however, I also think that’s it’s extremely important to pay the same attention to supplementation. There are lots of products out there that do include things like fillers and other ingredients into their capsules, which are not really something that I want to be adding into my diet. 

What they do?

Unbeelievable Health have two main product lines: their Bee Prepared Formulas and then the new Bee Energised. Let’s start of with the Bee Prepared; this is something that you can take on a daily basis or as and when you feel you need it. The capsules include nutrients to help support your immunity and they also say that it could be taken to help with skin breakouts. I tend to start taking this during the colder months or if I feel myself becoming a little run down. They also offer this product in a ‘max strength’ formula as well. 

The second of the products that I wanted to talk about is their Bee Energised supplement, which contains a variety of natural ingredients such as: bee pollen, matcha tea and ginseng, to help boost energy levels. This is something that I’ve been tending to take during times when I’m feeling slightly over-tired, or if I’m having a really busy week with work and training in the gym. I don’t like to take energy drinks or supplements, so these are a really nice natural substitute. 

How to use them?

These come in capsule form, which you can either take as they are, or empty the powders into your smoothies, smoothie bowls or whatever other delicious creations you’d like to add them to. 

Where to buy them?

I’m very pleased to say that I’m now seeing the Unbelievable Health products on the shelves in more and more shops, including independent health stores and Holland & Barrett. You can also order the products online from Amazon. It’s great that products like this are now becoming more accessible and widely available to people, so I can easily re-stock my stash from my local Holland & Barrett store. 

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