The Best Salted Peanut butter Granola

I’ve been making what feels like endless amounts of granola batches lately because being in lockdown seems to have resulted in us making our way through jars of the stuff at a rate of knots.

I know I’ve probably written this countless times before, but I honestly think that this is the best granola recipe I’ve made to date. It’s sweet, salty and filled with chunky clusters of goodness! I’ve found that the best method for achieving those big cluster pieces is to double bake them. During the first bake, I’ve really pressed the granola down as if I was making bars, then break this into large chunks and bake again to achieve that golden crispiness!

This is super easy to make, requires minimal prep and all of the ingredients are store cupboard staples. We’ve been enjoying this with pretty much everything: yoghurt, almond milk, ice cream, smoothie bowls and just straight from the jar in large handfuls.

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