Superfood Mocha Brownies

These are my current favourite sweet treat; I could honestly eat the entire tray in one sitting.

I’m a complete coffee fiend, so naturally, a dessert which heavily involves both coffee and chocolate is without a doubt, right up my street. They’re rich, chocolatey, slightly crunchy.. and then the layer of creamy chocolate ganache on top is simply to die for!

I’ve been trying out a new coffee blend recently from SuperU which is blended with different kinds of superfood mushroom powders. I actually really love the flavour, as it’s quite rich and earthy, plus mushrooms offer countless amazing health benefits. The entire recipe is no bake- so super easy and no cooking required! They’re also vegan and free from gluten and refined sugar.

These make a great pre-workout snack or something sweet to enjoy mid-morning with a cup of tea. They’re really convenient to carry around in a Tupperware container on the go and great to prep in advance so they’re ready for whenever you need something to grab and go.

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