Super Root Veggie Soup

It’s officially time to whip out that blender and get set roasting some veggies in preparation for those delicious Autumnal soups. I’m currently sitting on my sofa, feeling rather unwell and sorry for myself; very much wishing that someone would like to cook me a big batch of soup to get me through the rest of this week. For once in my life, I can actually say that I don’t really feel like cooking.. and I just want to sleep. For anyone who knows me well, I very rarely have a lie in and am SUCH an early bird; which usually means that I probably don’t get as much sleep as I should do. What can I say, I just love getting up in the morning and getting started with my day! But on this occasion, I feel like my body is in great need of some proper rest and TLC.

If, like me, you are feeling a little under the weather, then cooking up a big batch of soup might just help you out a little there. Soups are a great way to get a load of veggies into a meal and also require very minimal effort to heat up for a super speedy lunch or dinner. They’re also ideal to take to work with you, if you fancy a more warming lunch as the cold weather creeps in. I’ve teamed up with SHO Food to create this recipe; who make these rather handy flask containers, that you can take your delicious dishes out and about with you! As a child, I used to get really bored of your typical packed lunches and would often take pasta’s and soups in a flask with me instead. I know right.. I was that awkward child that had my poor mother cooking up fully fetched meals for my school lunches haha! 

This would probably have to be one of my favourite soups that I’ve made lately; it’s so creamy, sweet and really hearty. Roasted root veggies are so delicious and I always find that roasting them really enhances all of the flavours and makes them all caramelised. It’s also such a fuss free way of cooking veggies.. and most things really. You can just pop them in the oven, let them do their thing and then blend it all up. Soups are also a great way to use up lots of bits and pieces that you may have lying around in the fridge because you can put pretty much anything in a soup really. Well.. not anything, but you get the general idea!  Oh and one more thing.. can we just talk about the colour of this soup for a second here. I mean, look at that vibrant ruby red colour from the beetroots! Beets make for an amazing natural food colouring and can be used in baking, smoothies and more, as they work well in both sweet and savoury dishes. If you don’t like eating beets on their own, or in a salad, then this could be a good way to try and incorporate them into your meals.. and it’s really tasty!



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