Super chocolatey deluxe smoothie bowl

Well, I think that’s an indulgent breakfast title if ever there was one! But with this smoothie bowl, you can still enjoy a delicious chocolatey treat, whilst fuelling up on a bunch of natural and wholesome ingredients! I wanted to create something that tasted just as good as a super rich and creamy chocolate mousse, but with a slight nutritional twist, so that it could still be enjoyed for breakfast! I’ve included a generous helping of my favourite superfoods from Rainforest Foods, to pack in some nutrients first thing in the morning and create a super delicious flavour combination!

Adding bananas into a smoothie is pretty much the ultimate staple for achieving that velvety smooth consistency and amazing sweet flavour. It’s incredible how you can create such a sweet and indulgent tasting meal, without having to add lots of additional sweeteners and sugars! Another key ingredient to achieving that creamy, mousse like texture might be a bit of surprising one.. avocado! You’ve probably heard of avocado chocolate mousse, as this has become pretty fashionable lately.. and for good reason too! It actually doesn’t taste all weird like if you were to actually eat an avocado with chocolate together; in fact, you can hardly taste the avocado at all! I also like to add them in to raw desserts and cheesecakes along with cashew nuts, for an ultra smooth and creamy cake filling! Mmm, now I’m thinking about cakes! 

I love to try and get an avocado into my breakfast as often as possible, as they’re a great way to get some extra healthy fats in, and I find that these help to keep me feeling fuller for longer. Obviously everyone is different and this is personal to me and how I feel.. but, I love to fuel my body with some good healthy fats in the morning. Plus, they usually taste great too! I mean.. peanut butter? Yuuuuuuum!

I’ve also used my two absolute favourite superfood powders in here.. yep, that’s right: it’s cacao and maca powder! I love both of these on their own and together they’re even better! Cacao just gives THE BEST rich, indulgent chocolatey flavour and maca has that incredible hint of malty caramel flavour… and when combined, they’re just a match made in heaven! I also love adding in maca to smoothies and protein porridge for a little extra energising boost and it’s also a great way to add sweetness without having to add in any additional sugars. 

Anyway, enough of my Saturday night ramblings (I lead such an exciting life- working on a Saturday!), here’s the recipe- hope you love it! 


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