Summer Berry Porridge

I love porridge at any time of year, whether it’s cold and rainy or the sun is shining bright on a Summer’s morning. If you’re not a hot breakfast fan during the warmer months, you could always make overnight oats the day before, which is basically just a cold porridge. I’m so obsessed with oats and always have jars full of them in my store cupboards at all times. They’re great not only for breakfasts, but also a key ingredient in so many of my recipes. I find that oats are amazing for my digestion, as they’re a good source of fibre and generally what I include as my main source of carbs in the morning or before training.

I’ve been embracing all of the fresh fruit around at the moment and berries are always a firm favourite in my fridge. I love adding them into pretty much every breakfast dish that I make and I love that they’re so much more affordable during the Summer months here in the UK. So I intend to fully make the most of this!

For the actual porridge itself, I’ve used a freeze dried berry powder from The Good Guru- which is super handy for adding into smoothies, oats, desserts and whatever else you fancy. It’s a great way to boost your vitamin content if you’ve run out of fresh fruit, as well as being easier to carry around with you, if you need something to take away or leave at work.

You’ll notice that I’ve actually used canned coconut milk for this recipe- which you can of course switch up for oat, almond or drinking coconut milk if you’d prefer. I find that the canned stuff just makes everything super creamy and luxurious; as well as the fact that I had a hefty supply lying around in one of may kitchen cupboards that I didn’t fancy moving house with. But seriously, if you haven’t had coffee or made porridge with canned coconut milk.. then you need to get on that asap. Seriously YUM.



Combine the oats, water and milk in a saucepan and heat over a low-medium temperature.

Cook whilst stirring until thick and creamy, then stir through the berry powder and sweetener of choice.

Add extra liquid if desired, then serve topped with lots of fresh berries!

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