Strawberries n’ cream overnight oats


I was recently asked if I would like to take part in a collaboration with one of my favourite brands, to create a recipe using there products to celebrate the Olympic games and this is what I came up with. The brand that I’m talking about here is one that you’re probably familiar with and I use their products pretty much every single day without fail! The wonderful people that I’m talking about here are: Meridian Foods who are famous for their wonderful selection of delicious, natural nut butters! Meridian were one of the first brands of nut butter that I ever tried and are still a firm staple in my kitchen cupboards. In fact, I have two of the kg tubs sitting on my kitchen counter as we speak, as well as a few of the normal sized jars as well. I guess you could say I’m somewhat obsessed with the stuff! 

The campaign was based around breakfast dishes and something nutritious to fuel you up for an day of sporting activities. You may already know if you follow me on instagram, that one of my favourite things to enjoy pre-workout is porridge or overnight oats. This is of course personal to me and my lifestyle, but I find that oats just give me an incredible energy boost and are my absolute go to breakfast before a tough gym session. I also love that you can be really creative and customise your oats with coutnless different toppings and flavour combinations. I wanted to keep this recipe simple and add in some classic British flavours as well.. so naturally the first thing that came to mind? Strawberries and cream! Yum! 


Berries are one of my absolute favourite fruits and are something that we are luckily able to grow here in the UK during the warmer months, so they taste so incredible at the moment! The combination of sweet, juicy strawberries with the deliciously indulgent whipped cream has always been one of my favourite sweet treats, so I was keen to try and create something slightly similar to this, that could be enjoyed in breakfast form! Simple overnight oats are a great base for building up flavours. I’ve made these ones using jumbo oats and coconut milk, which has a slightly sweet and really creamy flavour. Just to add even more creaminess, I’ve stirred in some of the Meridian cashew nut butter, which adds a gorgeous hint of nutty flavour, as well as some healthy fats and plant based protein. Then of course, fresh strawberries go into the mix, for those little bursts of fruity flavour! I’ve topped mine off with yet more strawberries, pomegranate, some greek yoghurt and coconut.. because I just can’t get enough of the stuff! You can add pretty much whatever toppings your heart desires, so get creative and test things out! 

This is a great breakfast idea for busy mornings or if you’re looking for something to take with you on the go. You can whip it up the night before and it will be ready for you to grab and go in the morning as you’re heading out the door. I love to prep meals like this in cute little jars, as not only are they handy for storage, but they also look really pretty too! 




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