Spicy Purple Cabbage & Sweet Potato Soup

I think that soup season may be finally nearing and I’m really rather happy about it. For me, a nice warming bowl of soup paired with some freshly baked sourdough if the perfect comforting meal on a cold Autumn day. I love making soup at home because you can pretty much add in whatever you fancy or want use up in the fridge. It’s also a great way to pack in a good few portions of veggies into a quick and delicious meal. 

This soup is giving me all of the Autumn/Winter feels right now and I’m actually SO ready for this change of season. I’m such a Summer baby and would take the warmer, sunny weather over rain and cold any day. However, I just love all of the winter fashion and cosy nights in when it’s chilly outside! 

This soup is rather different from other combinations that I’ve experimented with in the past, as I’d actually never used purple cabbage in a soup before. Naturally, I was a little sceptical of how this would turn out upon testing the recipe.. but then very pleasantly surprised. I just love all of the Autumnal colours and flavours in this dish and the chilli really compliments the spices and gives a nice little extra kick of flavour. 

Okay, so we also NEED to talk about what might just the the star of the show here.. these crunchy smoked almonds. These are without a doubt, one of the most delicious ways that you can cook nuts and I could honestly eat them with just about everything. They make great salad toppings, trail mix additions, toppers for pizza, toast, soups or whatever else you fancy really. The sweet & smokey combo is just so addictive and they add a really interesting texture and flavour to the soup. Definitely an upgrade from your standard bread croutons. 

Spicy Purple Cabbage & Sweet Potato Soup



1 medium sweet potato  300g purple cabbage  1 red pepper  400ml vegetable stock  2 cloves garlic  1/2 cup Vita Coco coconut milk 2 tsp smoked paprika  Pinch chilli flakes  1/2 tsp cumin  Vita Coco Coconut Oil for cooking  Sea salt and pepper to taste 


1/2 cup raw almonds  Tsp smoked paprika  Tsp tamari sauce  Tsp Agave syrup   
Prep Time30 minutes
Author: Charley


  • Peel the sweet potato and finely dice this into small pieces. Dice the purple cabbage and red pepper then crush the garlic cloves. 
  • Heat a tsp of Vita Coco Coconut Oil in a frying pan over medium heat and add in the sweet potatoes and cook until softened. Stir in the rest of the veggies and crushed garlic and continue to cook everything until softened and vibrant in colour. 
  • Once all of the vegetables are cooked through allow these to cool a little. Then, in a blender, combine these with the veg stock, seasonings and coconut milk, then blend until smooth and creamy. Adjust any seasonings to taste. 
  • To make the almond topping preheat the oven and toss the almonds with the smoked paprika, agave and Tamari sauce. Place these onto a small baking dish and roast in the oven for around 10 minutes. 
  • Allow to cool before roughly chopping. 
  • Serve the soup warmed through with a generous sprinkling of the almonds. 

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