Smokey Sage, Apple and Sweet Potato Soup

So we’re now three days into January and it’s my third day of trying to incorporate more plant bands foods and meals into my diet. I did try eating a vegan diet around two years ago, which lasted for about three weeks and was definitely very different from how I’ve approached things this time round. My meals have definitely become quite a bit more creative and I’m actually really enjoying it. I haven’t set myself any strict guidelines and haven’t actually cut out any specific foods because I don’t want to make this seem like a diet or that I’m suddenly restricting myself from food groups. I’ve still been eating eggs and some dairy products, but haven’t really wanted to eat any meat or fish so far. I’ve been really enjoying switching things up and trying out a different variation of veggie packed recipes. I know it’s probably a little bit premature to be giving any sort of feedback as to how I’m feeling health wise; but so far so good! I’ve been feeling a little tired today- probably due to lack of sleep, but my digestion has been loads better and I do feel like this is agreeing with my body.. but, like I said, It’s very early so we’ll have to see how this goes! 

It’s actually really easy to include more plant based meals into your day, with just a little bit of prep and planning. There are also so many ways to re-crate your classic favourite meals, but with a veggie twist. If you’re stuck for ideas or just starting out, then soups are a great way to create a quick and simple meal that’s packed with veggie goodness! You can prep a large batch of soup so you’re all set for speedy lunches and dinners throughout the week. They’re also great family meals and also something that you can take on the go with you to work/college. 

Now that the New year has begun, I know lots of people will be embarking on diets and cleanses of some sort, but personally, those just aren’t really for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with dieting down or ‘cutting’ for certain occasions, but for long term goals and sustainability, I prefer to focus on creating more healthy habits that I can include in my every day routine. For example, this year you could start with something simple like eating more fruits and veggies with your meals. This might seem like such a small change, but over the course of the week this will really add up!

This particular soup is one of my current flavours and I decided to get a little more creative and experiment with some slightly more unusual flavour combinations. I began with one of my classic favourites; sweet potato of course1 Sweet potatoes just make the most delicious, creamiest soups and have become pretty much a staple ingredient in so many of my soup recipes. I’ve then added in some apple (which I know sounds slightly strange but trust me on this one) and some gorgeous sage! The addition of the apples add a hint of sweet and fruit flavours, which really stand out against the herbs and spices. Ive partnered with Jazz Apple to bring you this sponsored post and recipe, as apples are currently in season here in the UK and Jazz Apple’s in particular are one of my faves! I might have mentioned this before, but I can be kinda’ picky when it comes to my apples and they always need to be super crunchy and packed with flavour.. I don’t really apples that have that washy, powdery flavour (if you know what I mean? ahah). Jazz Apple’s just tick all of the right boxes with me and I’ve found myself munching on them at least once a day for the past month.. I just can’t seem to get enough! They’ve also come In very handy in recipes and for making one of my baking staples:apple puree. 

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