Savoury brie and tomato chickpea tart

Switching things up here on the blog amongst the endless recipes for sweet treats, with this savoury tart recipe! I’d attempted one of these before.. and it’s not that It turned out terribly, it just wasn’t all that wonderful either. This version however, I think was a success, so I wanted to share the recipe with you as part of my Christmas countdown. I thought these might be a nice idea to serve as part of your Christmas spread and could work really nicely as little side dishes or as part of a buffet. You could always split the mixture into multiple smaller tarts, if you wanted to serve them as little canapés. 

The crust is slightly different from that of most of the tarts that I’ve tried, as I’ve used chickpea flour as the main ingredient. It’s not something that I tend to use very often, but when I do I’ve always been pretty happy with the result. I’m not exactly sure how to best describe it’s flavour to you, so it’s probably something that you’ll need to try out for yourself; but I think it’s definitely best for using in savoury dishes. It’s slightly darker and more yellow in colour than most other flours that I use, but apart from that I find it pretty similar. I found that it was pretty easy to work with here and also baked really well, leaving a deliciously crisp casing for my tart. For the filling, I’ve kept things really simple and gone with an assortment of coloured tomatoes and some french brie. If you haven’t yet tried these coloured tomatoes yet (not sure what the actual name for them is!) Then I would definitely recommend giving them a go, as they’re incredibly tasty and have a really sweet flavour! I also think that the array of colours looks so beautiful in dishes! You could opt this for a home-made nut cheese or dairy free cheese if you wanted to adapt the recipe to be vegan friendly as well.. or just leave out the cheese part and replace it with something else. 


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