Salted caramel iced coffee (dairy free)


Now that the heatwave has finally arrived, it’s been out with the hot cups of coffee and in with the iced ones for me lately and I’ve been absolutely loving them! I’ve really gotten into coffee this year and thought I’d try experimenting with it in a few of my recipes too, starting with this one. Obviously when choosing a flavour, it had to be salted caramel.. I mean, it is just one of the most delicious flavour combos and works really well in a coffee smoothie. That delicious kick of salty sweetness is just absolutely heavenly!



As delicious as lots of iced coffee drinks often can be, lots of them can actually be full of sugars and probably not something that I’d want to be consuming on a day to ay basis. I wanted to try and create a healthier alternative, that was quick and easy to make at home, made from natural, wholesome ingredients and of course, tastes delicious. This could just be my personal opinion, but I feel that this recipe ticks all three of those boxes and I’m pretty sure that you guys will enjoy it too! 

There’s no added sugars in here whatsoever, not even any natural ones like maple syrup! All of the gorgeous sweetness is provided by the frozen banana, which also helps to create a divinely smooth and creamy texture. To enhance this, I’ve added in a bit of cashew nut butter; which FYI is AMAZING tasting stuff, and this just adds a subtle sweet, nutty hint of flavour and even more creaminess! After that, the only other things you’ll need is some ice, dairy free milk of choice, a pinch of good quality sea salt.. and of course, the coffee! 




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