Salted caramel cashew cups


For some bizarre reason, I didn’t experience the joys of eating a peanut butter cup until I was about 17! I know right, what on earth is that about?! But, once I did, I was instantly hooked and now they’re something that I love to make myself at home. They’re actually one of the easiest things to create a healthier alternative too and of course contain the ultimate combination of chocolate and peanut butter.. need I say more really?


These are a little variation on the typical peanut butter cup, as they’re filled with a divine salted cashew butter caramel (actually a bit of a mouthful to say out loud!) that just oozes out from it’s chocolatey shell upon that first bite! I know there are lots of fancy flavoured nut butters out there, I often experiment to come up with my own flavour combinations too, but I think good ol’ cashew butter would still have to be my overall favourite. It’s just so creamy, with a subtle hint of sweetness and.. I know I say this about lots of things, but it works well with like.. everything! ESPECIALLY in caramel. Oh my goodness. The combination of dates, blended with the cashew butter and that added salty kick is just absolute heaven. AND as if that wasn’t enough, it’s inside of a rich raw chocolate coating; that is literally all of my favourite dessert treats all rolled into one! 

Like I said, these are super simple to make and if you use a pre-made raw chocolate, that makes it even easier. I usually tend to make my own for most of the recipes on the blog, but recently I’ve been trying out one of my favourite chocolate brands in baking and raw desserts and have been so pleased with the results. The brand that I’ve been loving is called Conscious Chocolate and they have an insanely delicious selection of raw chocolate bars to choose from in just about every flavour imaginable! They’re all made from natural ingredients and are completely free from dairy and refined sugars. The main thing that has impressed me about these (other than the taste) is how well they melt and can be used in recipes. When melted gently in a bain-marie, the chocolate is nice a fluid and really easy to work with; it also sets up fairly quickly when placed in the freezer too; with a perfectly smooth and creamy finish. (This is not a sponsored post, I just really like this chocolate haha!)





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