Salted Almond Butter Pretzel Cookies

For the second episode in my Bake Off inspired series, obviously I wanted to bring you some kind of biscuit/cookie recipe to fit in with their theme of ‘biscuit week’. I’m sure you’ve probably guessed this by now, but I absolutely adore watching this show and find it so therapeutic watching all of the amazingly decadent treats being created. However, I’m sure actually being there, being the person frantically doing the baking is probably a lot less relaxing! 

These cookies turned out exactly how I pictured them; crisp and crunchy on the outside, with a slightly soft and gooey centre. Oh, and not to mention little chunks of salted pretzel bites scattered throughout. They add a delicious salty flavour contrast to pair with the sweet & nutty undertones. They make great snacks for a movie night in with friends or something to pack into you lunch box to whip out for some mid-morning desk munching. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be the envy of all of your colleagues with these sitting on your desk! 

They’re also pretty much a one bowl recipe and are really quick and simple to throw together. I absolutely love baking and recently have been spending pretty much 80% of my days doing exactly that in the kitchen; but sometimes, I’m after something that requires minimal time, effort and of course.. washing up. This is the perfect recipe for such an occasion and you can feel like a proud Bake-Off contestant without actually having to undergo the stress and workup a stress in the kitchen! 

I’ve decorated these with a little melted dark chocolate, but you could garnish them with anything you like really. I love the combination of nut butter and chocolate though.. there’s just something about that pairing that’s just so incredibly delicious! I’ve opted for almond butter in this recipe, but you could experiment here and switch things up for cashew or perhaps peanut butter? Like I say with most of my recipes; feel free to swap out different ingredients, get creative and make things your own. Lots of buy recipes are really flexible, so you can adapt things to suit your likings and what you have in your kitchen cupboards. I want you to absolutely love the things that you create from the blog, so use your favourite ingredients and fall in love with the food you’re making! 

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