Rosemary & garlic hassle back sweet potatos

Today we have another savoury recipe for you all.. yes I do actually make savoury food as well! These are definitely something that I’m going to be serving alongside my Christmas roast dinner, as I am such a huge sweet potato fan! I just love their gooey texture and delicious sweet flavour! I’ve been meaning to try making some hassle back tatas for the longest time, but had just never gotten round to it.. but my goodness am I glad that I have! It’s literally my new favourite way to prepare sweet potatoes. The outer layer becomes incredibly delicious and crispy, the cuts in the potato really help it to hold onto all of that amazing flavour and the layers literally just fall apart and are really soft and gooey! Yum!

I’ve seasoned these ones really simply, with just some olive oil, garlic and rosemary marinade that I just mixed up and spread onto the potatoes. I’ve been loving adding rosemary to all of my vegetable dishes lately, as I find herbs really help to transform a meals flavour and have quite a festive feel to them as well. I think that these would make a fantastic addition to a Sunday roast or your Christmas dinner and is something a little different to the average roast potato.. although they are delicious too! 

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