Rose, pistachio and raspberry white chocolate bark


I think I mentioned in my salted caramel bark post about how I’ve long been struggling to create a healthy white chocolate alternative.. and I think, that I might have finally made some progress! Granted, it’s not exactly your typical white chocolate and has more of a fudgey kinda’ consistency, BUT it tastes really good and pretty similar to white chocolate (I think so anyway). Even though white chocolate is pretty amazing on it’s own, I think it tastes even more delicious when paired with raspberries, so I thought i’d do just that.. and add in some pistachios and rose petals just for the fun of it! 


The base of this white chocolate is a combination of coconut oil, cacao butter and cashew butter. The cacao butter is also what I would use when making regular raw chocolate and then add cacao powder to this. It has a slight hint of white chocolatey flavour and this is what will help the whole thing to set when placed into the freezer. The combination of cashew butter, maple syrup and vanilla help to give this the most dreamy, sweet and creamy flavour that literally just melts in your mouth! Like i’ve said before, I love these chocolate bark concoctions because you can just throw in whatever you like for decoration and a little extra crunch.. and they look so pretty. Here i’ve used one of my latest finds and something I’ve become a little obsessed with: freeze dried raspberries. These are an amazing ingredient to have on hand when making raw desserts and give such a vibrant tang of berry flavour, as well as adding an amazing pop of colour! You’ll have probably noticed that I also seem to be using a lot of pistachios and rose petals in everything recently as well! They give a really unusual flavour to a dish and truth be told, just make it look that little bit prettier! 




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