Roasted Vegetable & Olive Kale Salad

Salads don’t have to be boring and they’re definitely not just for the Summer. This salad is the perfect recipe for any time of year, which vibrant fresh ingredients and warm, gooey roasted veggies. It’s packed with an array of different colours, flavours and nutrients so is ideal for those of us being a little more health conscious this month.

I’m not one for detoxes or only drinking juice in January. However, after indulging in chocolate for breakfast almost every day during December, I just felt like my body could really benefit from a healthy does of fruit and veggies with each meal. Recipes like this are going to be your best friend because they’re such a simple and delicious way to fuel your body with a cocktail of nutrients, but it doesn’t feel like you’re having to munch your way through a bowl of plain salad.

For me, healthy eating is and always has been about creating dishes that taste delicious whilst still being full of nutrient dense ingredients. Creating a lifestyle that you enjoy will be far more sustainable than putting yourself through restrictive diets consisting of bland meals that you don’t enjoy.

Planning ahead and pre-preparing your meals can also be a life saver when it comes to eating healthily because we all need to reach for something quick and convenient at times! You can batch make big portions of this salad ahead of time so you always have some ready to add onto the side of your meals. Pairing this with a healthy protein source means you’ve got a really simple and convenient lunch ready to go, so you won’t be temped to spend lots of money buying food on the go. (I’m also all about saving money this month! So expect lots of meal prep recipes!)

It’s also a great dinner party salad staple, as it’s something a little but different from your classic side salad and also looks really fresh & vibrant!

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