Review: Vertue Box & Choc protein banana breads recipe

Today’s review is something that I’m particularly excited about, as it’s a health and beauty subscription box! Other than healthy food and fitness, I’m a huge fan of skin care and beauty products- in particularly natural beauty. I’ve been trying to swap out lots of my makeup and skincare products for more natural and organic ones for a little while now and have just been making gradual changes here and there. I have found it slightly more difficult to find products that I truly love and that really work for me; so I was really excited to give this subscription box a try and hopefully discover some new products!

First off, let me tell you a little bit about the boxes themselves. Everything in the boxes is cruelty free and the company was founded by a former makeup artist – there’s more information about the founder and the boxes on their website here. I love the idea of the subscription boxes, as I think it’s a fantastic way to encourage people to try new things and introduce them to products that they may not ordinarily chose to purchase. I think that when it comes to health and beauty, we can often tend to stick to what we’re familiar with and what we know works, which is completely understandable. It’s often a bit of a gamble when buying a new product, as you’re not sure whether it’s going to work or suit your skin and body. 

There are two different sizes of boxes that you can subscribe to: the original and a mini box. Each box is filled with a selection of natural health and beauty products and will be delivered every two months. They contain a mixture of healthy food and beauty products and are a really fun way to try lots of new products. The boxes arrive beautifully packaged and I think would make a really lovely gift for someone too.. or just a gift to yourself!

In my box this month I had: two samples of Innermost Protein powder, The Konjac sponge, Sleep spray, Vanilla Rose bath salts, coffee body scrub and a gorgeous little bar of soap. I’ve a absolutely loved all of the products, so I don’t really know where to begin here! The first thing that I decided to try out was the sleep spray- I’ve been having a bit of trouble switching off and actually getting a proper nights sleep recently, so I thought this would be pretty appropriate for me. You simply mist it over your bedding, room or pillows and it has this incredible lavender scent, that’s just so relaxing and leaves me feeling really zen. 

Another of my favourite items would have to be the coffee scrub. I was already a huge fan of these kinds of products and personally think that they’re the most effective body scrubs out there! They’re amazing at removing dead skin and leaving your body feeling baby smooth, plus the coffee scent is really awakening and invigorating in the morning. I’d also been really keen to test out these Konjac sponges for SUCH a long time and was so pleased when I saw that it was included in the box! It’s really different from anything else I’ve tried before and is a really different way to exfoliate the skin. They expand when wet and are really gentle on the skin. I like to apply a little bit of my face wash and then massage it around my face in circular motions after removing my makeup of an evening. It leaves my face feeling really fresh and clean, but not stripped of moisture, like some harsher products have done. 

Onto the foodie products now.. my favourite subject of course! I was so happy when I discovered the samples of protein powder, as it’s something that I use on a daily basis; both in my own meals and for recipes. I’m always on the hunt for new brands to try out and I feel like I’ve been through literally hundreds of different ones in the past year; but I’m pleased to say that I think there are actually a lots of really great products out there at the moment.. and this one will definitely be added to that list! I tend to opt for vegan protein blends over whey- I just prefer the texture and flavour for some reason and the vanilla ‘Health One’ blend from InnerMost tastes SO delicious! I find that a lot of vanilla proteins can taste really ultra sweet and sickly, but this one had real hints of vanilla bean flavours throughout and blended really nicely in oats and yoghurt. I did also experiment with the chocolate whey blend in baking and really liked that one too- it had an amazing, rich chocolatey flavour and worked really well in this chocolate banana bread recipe. The photo of this recipe went down pretty well on social media, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys on here too! Hope you love them! 

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