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This year, one of my mini goals was to kickstart my restaurant reviews again and continue to share some of my favourite London food gems. I’ve discovered so many incredible restaurants after reading other people’s reviews , so I love being able to do the same and introducing people to places and experiences that I love!

London Stock is a newly opened restaurant located in Wandsworth Town and is the first restaurant from Cordon Bleu trained chef, Assem Abdel Hady. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with an incredible menu of classic British fine dining with a slight fusion of Asian flavours. We were abolished to enjoy an incredible 7 course tasting menu, consisting of a beautiful array of intricately presented small plate dishes. All of the flavour and ingredient combinations were so innovative and unusual, yet worked so harmoniously together. I can honestly say that I was thoroughly impressed with each and every dish that we tasted.

As with most of my other reviews, I thought I’d break this down into sections so we can get straight into the bits I know yo really want to read about!

Menu & Veggie Options:

They offer a selection of different tasting menus consisting of: both 7 & 5 course menus, a lunch time 3 course tasting menu and also full vegetarian tasting menu. As well as a day time breakfast and coffee selection. I love that they cater for non-meat eaters by offering an entire menu, rather than just a couple of veggie alternative dishes. The Cauliflower on the main menu was actually one of my favourites!


All of the menus are designed as tasting menus, so naturally, this might mean that you’re spending a little more than if you were to order a single dish somewhere (the lunch menu could be an exception to this). However, in terms of what you get for your money, I do think that what they’re offering is excellent value and for the quality of food it’s 100% worth the price. The lunch menu and 5 course tasting menu are more affordable if you don’t want to opt for the full 7 courses.. but I reckon you’ll be back to try it once you’ve tasted the food! If you’re looking to spend a little bit extra on a special meal out and or treat for someone special, this is the place for you!


One of the main things that continuously came up in conversation when telling people about the experience, was just how exceptional and welcoming the service was. All of the staff were extremely friendly, attentive and really strived to make our evening an enjoyable one. The chef even came down to the table to serve the soufflé himself, which was a really special, personal touch.

Atmosphere & Occasion:

For me, this is the perfect location for an elegant, romantic date night dinner or if you’re looking to enjoy a meal that’s something a little more special. The decor is absolutely stunning; modern, yet still in-keeping with the style of the old brewery, featuring the wooden beams and exposed brickwork. I also love to come here to work during the day, as I find the atmosphere so relaxing and they also make an exceptionally good oat milk flat white!

Taste & Quality:

I feel like this point goes without saying, but the quality of every single dish we tried was outstanding. Everything is beautifully presented on the plate and I love how creative and unique all of the flavour combinations were. If I had to pick a favourite.. or three, I would say what stood out for me the most was the: roasted cauliflower,

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