Red velvet protein smoothie- with Unbeelievable Health

I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Unbeelievable Health to bring you some delicious and nutritious breakfast recipes (although this one could also double as a dessert!) featuring their amazing immune boosting Bee Prepared supplements. I’ve used their Bee Energised blend in this recipe, which is designed to help with energy levels and focus. It contains organic ingredients like: Matcha tea, bee pollen, green tea leaf and also Vitamins B6 & 12. These capsules are so handy, as you can simply take them on their own with water, or add them into dishes like smoothies and oat bowls. 

Seeing as we’re currently in the middle of winter here in the UK, I know that I often feel like I could do with an extra little vitamin boost and there are definitely days where I feel slightly lower in energy. I love these products as they’re really easy to add into my routine and contain an amazing selection of natural and organic ingredients- something I always look for when choosing supplements. 

This smoothie can be served as either a breakfast or dessert dish, depending on how you garnish it. Here I’ve gone for a selection of slightly more indulgent toppings and served this one as a dessert style smoothie. The smoothie itself is a delicious blend of berry and chocolate flavour, from a combination of banana, frozen berries and cacao powder. Berries and chocolate are such a dreamy combination; as you get that rich, indulgent taste from the raw cacao and then slightly sweet. yet tangy fruitiness of the berries. Did I mention that this smoothie is also a good source of plant based protein, as I’ve added in a scoop of chocolate pea protein. Not only does this provide a little extra chocolatey-ness, but also adds a serving of protein, making this a great post-workout treat too! 

If you did want to get a little more fancy and treat yourself to something indulgent, you can try adding a generous dollop of coconut cream and some raw chocolate sauce like I’ve done here. If you haven’t tried coconut cream yet, then you’re seriously missing out! It’s so deliciously smooth and creamy.. I actually think it tastes better than regular whipped cream!

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