Red Thai Peanut Curry

Thai red curry used to be my go to dish for pretty much everything. Dinner party, meal prep, cosy fake-away night in, dinner dates.. honestly I would make a red Thai curry for any occasion. It’s literally my perfect dish: spicy, but just the right amount, packed with veggies, plant based, super flavoursome and also great for prepping in big batches for lunches and dinners throughout the week. It’s also a really versatile recipe, as you can use any leftovers to add into rice or stir fries to add a delicious extra kick of flavour.

This is the ideal dish if you’re looking to try adding some more plant based recipes into your routine because I honestly don’t feel like you miss the meat element in this dish as the combination of all of the veggies and chickpeas create a really filling, hearty dish. I feel like these kinds of meals are great things to cook for both vegan and non vegan guests, as it really showcases just how delicious and flavoursome plant based cooking can be.

The peanut butter adds a slight hint of satay flavour and really helps to create a luxuriously creamy consistency. Plus, I just adore peanut butter.. or any nut butter for that matter. So adding them into pretty much any recipes is going to be a win win situation in my opinion!

Here I’ve opted to serve the curry alongside some rice noodles, but it’s also delicious with rice, cauliflower rice or even by itself. Of course, I’ve also garnished the dish with a generous helping of the gorgeous ruby gems, otherwise known as pomegranate seeds.. and yes, I do feel like it’s necessary for me to add these to almost anything and everything. Not only do they look stunning, but I’m so obsessed with the unexpected vibrant fruity kick they add to a dish. It adds an incredible contrast to the savoury flavours of a recipe and I think works especially well with spicy foods.

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