Raw Vanilla Vegan Custard Tarts

For last weeks Bake-Off episode, the technical challenge consisted of making Portuguese custard tarts.. aka my boyfriend’s favourite thing! He used to eat them a lot growing up and has recently re-discovered them again since we moved to London. They’re actually pretty easy to get hold of around here and I’d say that Ben’s probably eaten his bodyweight in them by now! I’ve previously created a vegan take on a custard tart recipe, with a creme brûlée topping which you can find here. So, I thought I’d mix things up a little and come up with a different version that doesn’t require any cooking. Watching the Bake Off is literally one of the highlights of my week! I find it such an easy watch and it always leaves me feeling so inspired to get creative in the kitchen. I also have an incredible amount of admiration for the contestants and think that they are all extremely talented. To bake the amazing creations that they do, under such a high level of pressure must be SO stressful! 

Essentially, these are a little like raw vanilla cheesecakes. They have a crunchy, biscuit like crust and velvety smooth filling. I love making raw cheesecakes, as they’re actually really simple to throw together once you get the hang of it and cashews simply make the CREAMIEST cheesecake filling! After doing this for years, it still amazes me how an entire cake, that actually takes like cake.. can mainly consist of nuts. Honestly, if you’d have told me about such a creation 5 years ago, I very much doubt that I would have believed you and now I probably make around one a week! These are a nice option, if you’re looking for something to take to a party or are with friends, as they’re already divided into portions. Sometimes you don’t always want to make a full sized cheesecake, so there mini custard tarts are ideal for just those occasions! Plus, they look really pretty too! 

I’ve garnished these with a little drizzle of raw chocolate (of course) and then one of my latest finds: some raw caramel Loving Earth chocolate. I’ve been recently trying out the raw, vegan chocolate bars from this brand and I must say, so far I’m very impressed! They have a lovely smooth consistency, with a decadently rich and creamy flavour. They’re also completely plant based and refined sugar free chocolate bars! They are slightly more on the pricy side, but they were recently on offer in Planet Organic the other day, so I thought it the perfect opportunity to grab a stash. 

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