Raw vanilla cream stuffed lemon cookies


Since my last raw stuffed cookie recipe went down so well, I thought I would create another one for you guys. I hadn’t actually planned for these to be a cookie recipe, as they originally began as raw cupcakes (which I will still be revamping and posting on here in the future). When I took them out of the freezer the following day, I just decided that the whole cupcake thing wasn’t really going to work particularly well with this recipe, but that they would taste amazing as cookies.. so here we are. I love citrus flavours, lemon in particular, so if you’re into that then there’s a good chance that you’ll like these, as they’re really rather lemony! The ‘cream’ filling is in fact not really cream at all, but instead a mixture of vanilla coconut yoghurt and maple syrup.. which in my opinion, tastes better than regular cream anyway. Like, it’s so good, I’m surprised that the filling actually made it into the cookies before my mum and I devoured the whole thing. If you have some left over, it would be amazing with some strawberries dipped in.. or you could just eat it with a spoon. 


Before I started to learn more about health and fitness, I was a compete cookie monster. I think my two biggest junk food favourites were crisps and cookies and thankfully, because of recipes like this, I can still enjoy cookies whilst eating a healthy diet. I feel like these cookies are a great summery dessert as the citrus flavour adds a wonderful element of freshness and a slight zingy kick. They also look really cute too, so would be the perfect thing to serve with some afternoon tea on one of those pretty little cake stands you get when you go for posh tea and scones.. anyone else know what I mean? 

I like to make these pretty small, so they’re bite-sized treats and kinda remind me of a macaroon type thing. For some reason I’m just a big fan of the whole mini dessert thing.. like miniature caramel slices, brownie bites, flapjacks; they’re the perfect size for snacking and just look super cute too! Oh and another thing that I love about these is the texture of the cookies! If you leave them to set for long enough, they become quite firm and almost a little chewy and although one of the main ingredients is nuts, I don’t find that the flavour is too overpowering at all- which I think is important if you’re going to be serving them to people who are new to raw desserts. 






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