Raw vanilla cheesecakes with berry coulis


Right, so this is a recipe that I have to say I am pretty proud of. It seems like forever that I have been working away in my little kitchen trying to master the art of making raw cheesecakes! I’m not sure that I can actually call myself a pro just yet, but I think I’ve definitely made vast improvements and have finally managed to make something that I’m happy with. Raw cheesecakes are something that I think can be slightly hit and miss sometimes and are definitely not the simplest things to make. Don’t get me wrong, nearly all of the ones that I’ve tasted have been pretty yummy.. but there have definitely been some that have really stood out to me and others that weren’t really anything special. 

I think there are two main factors that for me really determine how good a raw cheesecake is which are: texture and flavour. Personally, I think that the texture of the cake needs to be pretty smooth and slightly creamy. I also like it to be quite firm.. but not too firm.. but definitely not soggy. Now, in terms of the flavour, as the cakes are often predominately made of cashews, it’s quite easy to build up flavours as cashews have quite a mild flavour. I love really intense, zingy flavours, but also subtle more sweet and delicate ones like this vanilla recipe. It’s taken a whole lot of trial and error (and staying up to ridiculous hours in the morning with my food processor) to finally be able to create something that I think kinda’ tastes like a real cheesecake. I actually gave some to my mum to give to a friend at work and she really liked it AND didn’t even know it was raw, vegan or refined sugar free! I used to go on about this quite a lot, but one of the main reasons that I love making these kinds of desserts are to show people that you can still enjoy these kinds of treats without lots of sugars and highly processed ingredients.. and they still taste delicious! 


Like I said earlier, I’m obsessed with really fruity and vibrant flavours, so wanted to add this berry coulis to create a nice contrast against the main cheesecake filling. It really couldn’t be more simple: just some mixed berries and a little honey, but it tastes really delicious and works so well against the subtle sweetness of the vanilla. Plus, I think it adds that little extra finishing touch and makes it look that little bit prettier! I think these would be a great thing to serve if you wanted to impress your guests with something that little bit more special for afternoon tea and would definitely make for a gorgeous addition to a table spread! Plus, you’re able to satisfy that sweet tooth with a whole host of natural and plant based ingredients at the same time.. not just your average cheesecake eh? 





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