Raw Valentines chocolate cheesecake (vegan & GF)

I’ve been playing around with a few Valentines themed recipes lately and I’m pleased to say that the ideas seem to have just been flowing! I mean, when you think of Valentines day, pretty much every sweet treat or dessert is laden with chocolate.. so how hard can chocolate themed recipes really be? Just whip up something really decadent and chocolately and then add something pink and voila! 

I’ve been loving the whole chocolate berry combination.. especially raspberries, as they’re my absolute favourite fruit; I could literally eat bowl after bowl of them! I’ve come up with a few different Valentines recipes, that I’ll be sharing over the course of the next week, so you’ll have plenty of foodie inspiration for the day. The others are more like little snacks as oppose to an a actual cake style dessert, so this is probably the most indulgent of the lot. However, it’s still fairly simple to prepare and doesn’t require too many complicated steps. 

I think the cake would serve around 2-4 people, depending on how hungry you are.. or how much you like chocolate! But it would be a nice thing to make for a special Valentines meal with your partner, as a whole large cake might be a little much and could end up going to waste. So if you’re not going out this Valentines day, why not cook a nice relaxing dinner, then tuck into a delicious slice of raw cheesecake in front of a good film on the sofa! 

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