Raw raspberry cream stuffed cookies


This might just be one of my favourite recipes of the moment! It’s composed of two of my favourite things; chocolate and raspberries! The berry and chocolate combination is something that I don’t think I will ever tire of, especially when it’s in a raw dessert filled with natural, wholesome ingredients.. like these sandwich cookies!

I really wish that it would be possible for you to reach into the screen and try one of these cookies for yourself.. but sadly that is not possible, so I guess we’ll just have to settle for me describing them to you and then you can go make some to enjoy yourself! The cookie part of the recipe is a delicious nutty, chocolatey combination of pecans, oats and dates with the gorgeously rich flavours of cacao running through it. This pairs amazingly with the sweet, creamy cashew raspberry filling, sandwiching the cookies together and creating a fruity taste explosion! Another great thing about this, is that I had quite a bit of cashew cream left over, which works amazingly as a yoghurt alternative, berry mouse, porridge topper or accompaniment to some tasty raw cheesecake. I always saw making cashew cream as a bit of a faff and slightly complicated, but actually I couldn’t have been more wrong! As long as you have a reasonably powerful blender/food processor, then it doesn’t really take too long and makes a great alternative to regular dairy cream. Not to mention, nuts have amazing nutritional benefits and I think they taste amazing too!


I’m a great believer that we also eat with our eyes and quite often, the appearance of food is one of the first things that entices us to take that first bite! For me, that couldn’t be more true in the case of these cookies. Firstly, well, there’s chocolate.. need I say more? Secondly, can we just talk about that vibrant pink colour? Colours like that just reinforce my beliefs of eating as many natural plant foods as possible: like fruits and veggies! The fact that something with so much colour, vibrancy and flavour is produced by nature is truly amazing! Of course these are still a treat and not something that I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis but, if I am going to indulge, I still like to make sure that what I’m eating is going to be made from foods that leave my body feeling good!







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