Raw Mint Chip Cheesecake

You’ll probably have noticed from pictures on my Instagram feed recently, that I’ve entered into a serious raw cheesecake making phase and just seem to be whipping these things up left right and centre. I feel like I’ve said this many times before, but once you nail the basic recipe for a super creamy, raw cheesecake filling; it’s really simple to customise and you can then get all creative with different flavours. I couldn’t quite believe that it had taken me this long to make a mint chip flavour. Mint chip ice cream was one of my upmost favourite flavours through-ought my childhood and I would always get an incredible, generously packed ice cream cone full of the stuff after a trip to he beach in the Summer holidays. 

As always, I love to mix things up when creating recipes and always find great pleasure including slightly ,ore alternative ingredients where you may not necessarily expect to find them. In this instance, the items that I’m referring to are avocados. The concept of adding a nice bit of avo’ into a dessert is actually not that uncommon nowadays and is often used to make chocolate mousse. They have an incredibly smooth and creamy texture, which helps to create a mixture with a really silky cheesecake filling. I don’t know what it is about mint chocolate chip, but it’s just SO GOOD. It has the rich, decadence from the chocolate and then a nice hit of refreshing minty flavour to pair with. This is definitely one for the summer time, as it reminds me of sitting on a beach eating Cornish ice cream, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t be delicious any time of the year! 

So, I’ve just told you that one of the key components to this cake right here is avocado.. well, it’s also vegan, dairy and refined sugar free too. I know right, a cheesecake without all of those things, especially CHEESE.. might taste weird right? Well, I guess I can’t speak everyone, but I literally love raw cheesecakes.. like I could probably scoff a whole one to myself- although this is not something that I would advise doing! I’m a firm believer that you should not have to compromise on flavour and the enjoyment of your food, which I guess is why I started blogging and recipe creation in the first place. I love experimenting with foods and re-creating classic dishes with a slightly different twist. With that being said, I hope that you’ll enjoy this cheesecake if you give it a try and maybe you’ll become a raw cheesecake convert too! 

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