Raw Hazelnut Brownie Caramel Bars

I’ve said it many times before and now I’m saying it yet again.. I think that these might just be my favourite thing that I’ve made this year!

Seriously though guys, I kid you not, these are going to be a real game changer for all of you dessert lovers out there. Here we have, a rich, chocolatey, raw brownie base with just the right amount of gooey, yet still crunchy texture. I’ve used hazelnuts to give a delicious note of Nutella flavour and the dates infuse the brownie with a rich caramel and super fudgey consistency.

Dates are one of my absolute staples when it comes to making most of my sweet treat recipes, so I’d definitely advise stocking up when you get chance! They have such an incredible natural sweetness to them- literally like nature’s candy (as they say!), as well as helping to bind the other ingredients together. I would always recommend using Medjool dates if you can get hold of them, however these are a little more on the pricey side, so regular soft pitted dates will also work just as well!

Even though I’m having such a moment with anything chocolate right now and the brownie does taste absolutely heavenly, if I do say so myself. My favourite part of this recipe is undoubtedly the nutty salted caramel layer. Believe me, once you’ve tasted this, you’re going to have a pretty tough time resisting to eat the whole batch before you’ve even started spreading it onto the bars!

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