Raw chunky chocolate chip cheesecakes

It’s time for another delicious recipe featuring Well + Happy chocolates! This time is a slightly more indulgent offering of the raw cheesecake variety! These little beauties have been made using their chunky monkey chocolate bar; which has pieces of dried banana and little crunchy buckwheat groats in! I love this flavour because It has a real variety of different flavours and textures.. and just has a really good crunch to it! The chocolate itself is 70%, so is a really nice rich cacao chocolate- which is something that I love! 

I was actually pretty impressed with myself when I tried these cheesecakes! In fact, I enjoyed them so much that I might have gobbled one straight from the freezer! This probably sounds a little bit odd, but I actually really like eating my raw desserts out of the freezer haha! It gives them quite a nice chewy consistency.. okay I probably sound a little bit weird now; hopefully I’m not the only person who does this?! 

The base is a biscuity texture, consisting of a blend of dates, oats and nuts, which some tasty chunks of raw chocolate in there.. like a chocolate chip cookie cake base! As for cheesecake bit.. yep, that has chocolate chips in too! I’ve kept this bit pretty simple, with my signature vanilla cheesecake filling and simply stirred through some chunks of raw chocolate. Just to add that little bit more CHOCOLATE.. (as is there wasn’t enough already?) I’ve also topped these with a little chocolate drizzle and some crushed hazelnuts.. yum! 

These are great if you’re really in the mood for something sweet, but don’t want a really rich, chocolate heavy dessert. Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE a good bit of chocolate, but sometimes I fancy something with a little bit of a lighter sweetness, if you get what I mean? Like when you just fancy some plain vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate? Or is that only me? haha. 

I’ve also come to realise that I much prefer making smaller cheesecakes or making them as little bars like this. I think they’re a lot easier to serve this way and also a lot less wasteful. If you’re making a cake for a speical occasion and will be sharing it with family/friends, then by all means, a cake is probably a brilliant choice. However, I make rather a lot of these things and am always testing out different recipes; so I honestly can’t imagine what I would do with that many whole cheesecakes, let alone the amount of ingredients I would need! 

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