Raw chocolate and strawberry Easter eggs

I feel like I keep saying this with each blog post I write recently.. but HOW QUICKLY is this year going? Like, literally time feels like it’s just flying by. I don’t know whether everyone feels this way, or if it’s just because I’ve been super busy lately, but this year just seems to be going by at light speed! I love this time of year; we’re beginning to get the first peaks of spring and beautiful sunny weather and all of the spring flowers and blossom just look so beautiful! I’m a summer baby and its definitely my favourite time of year, so obviously I’m very excited that it’s just around the corner! The sunshine just seems to put everyone in a great mood and just makes me feel so much brighter and energised!

The start of Spring also means something else.. Easter is right around the corner; so it’s time for the Easter egg recipes! Since making the transition to full time blogging, my schedule has been absolutely jam packed with endless recipe creation and to-do lists the length of my arm, but I still wanted to make sure that I could bring you guys some delicious recipes for some indulgent Easter treats! This recipe was created for the lovely Indigo Herbs and they might just be one of my favourite choccy recipes to appear on the blog to date! I’ve dabbled with a few chocolate bark recipes on here before, so I wanted to give these a slightly different twist and come up with something new and sparkly to make for such an occasion! 

These raw chocolate eggs are super quick and simple to make and have a really yummy melt-in-the-mouth texture with little gems of freeze dried strawberry scattered throughout. I suppose this is probably something that comes down to personal preference, but I LOVE the combination of berries and chocolate and think it’s just so delicious! Freeze dried berries work especially well I find, as they have a slightly sour kick to them and a bit of a chewy mind of texture. They also look really beautiful as well and add pretty speckles of pink- and we all know how much I love adding pink rose petals to my dishes for the photos! Haha. 

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