Raw banoffee pie with coconut cream


I’ve made a few raw banoffee pie variations in my time and there was a recipe up on the blog once upon a time, but I wasn’t quite happy with it so decided to give it a little revamp. So this is kind of like my raw banoffee pie 2.0. If i’m honest, I just love every single things about this dessert: there’s a coconutty biscuit like base, a creamy date caramel, bananas and coconut whipped cream.. there’s just SO much deliciousness in one dish, I can’t quite contain myself! 

A little strange, but I actually never really used to like bananas when I was younger, so banoffee pie would never typically be something that I would have ordered when eating out.. actually, now that I think about it, I don’t know if I’ve ever ordered one in my life?! My brother on the other hand was always a big fan, so he was the ultimate taste tester for this recipe (also being a big lover of regular sweet treats, so a pretty tough audience to please). Anyway, to my great surprise, other than the coconut, he liked this healthier version! That’s a huge victory in my eyes, so it must be pretty tasty if it received his seal of approval!


As well as tasting super sweet and delicious, this dessert is actually free from refined sugars and is made from natural and wholesome ingredients. A regular banoffee pie would probably not be the healthiest things for you and would certainly be packed full of sugar and cream.. which are not things that I really want to be consuming in large quantities. This one however, is packed full of healthy fats from the coconut, as well as tonnes of fibre from the dates and bananas! Fruits and natural sweeteners do still contain lots of natural sugars, but If I’m going to have a treat then I would prefer to try and give it a little bit of a nutritional twist and get some goodness into my body at the same time! 

This is an amazing dessert to serve to friends, especially now the summer holidays are approaching and there will be lots more picnics and summer BBQ’s! As this is raw, I feel like it has a really fresh sweetness to it and desserts with some sort of cream are a must for me in the Summer time! That might be because I was a bit of a cream tea fiend as a child and loved to demolish a scone or two in the sunshine! Surprisingly, I was actually more of a savoury person rather than lover of sweet treats, but cream was one things I did LOVE. But, let me tell you, I can 100% say that I prefer coconut cream. If you’ve tried it then you probably know what I’m talking about.. and if you haven’t, then you really should! 





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