Raw acai and goji berry chocolates


Mmm chocolates.. 

I’m not necessarily the biggest chocoholic, but sometimes I get that craving for something sweet and chocolate is simply the only thing that will do. I used to be a serial milk chocolate eater and wouldn’t have eaten a bar of dark chocolate if someone had paid me; for some reason I just really didn’t like the stuff! However, since discovering cacao and raw chocolate, those views have completely reversed and it’s now something that I could eat batches and batches of (well.. maybe that’s a slight over-exaggeration). 

Also, chocolate is actually surprisingly easy to make! Which is amazing because, providing you have all of the necessary ingredients, you can simply whip up a batch, leave them to set for about an hour.. and you have a delicious and slightly healthier treat ready to be enjoyed. You can of course leave out some of the fancier ingredients used here and create a basic chocolate, but I decided to get a little creative and jazz these up by giving them a little berry twist. There are two elements to this, one of which being some added acai berry powder. This weird and wonderful superfood powder comes from the acai berry, which is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as adding a slight hint of berry flavour to the chocolate. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what a great combo chocolate and berries are.. Secondly, just to double up on the fruity flavour, I’ve added some little goji berries inside each chocolate, which too contain antioxidants and also give a nice, chewy texture that kinda reminds me of eating chocolate with sweeties inside (I don’t know, that might just be me haha?)



These would be a great thing to make for some cute little snacks for a movie night, after dinner treat or maybe even as party nibbles if you want to impress people with your chocolate making skills! Either way, you’re getting to enjoy some delicious chocolate that contains fruit, antioxidants and is free from dairy AND refined sugar! Not too bad if you ask me!




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