Protein matcha coconut bars


You all know that I’m a huge coconut fan.. like literally, if it has coconut in it then there’s pretty much a 99% chance that I’ll like it. I made some raw bounty bars a while ago and enjoyed them so much that I don’t think they lasted more than a couple of days in the freezer! Due to my current training program, I’ve recently increased my daily protein in take, so thought I would take this opportunity to try and incorporate some more protein based dessert recipes on the blog (any excuse to create some desserts right?)


I’ve actually been trying out a new protein powder recently, which is a vegan protein made from completely natural ingredients and also containing a selection of different greens powders in the blend. I’m really picky when it comes to proteins and have tried so many over the past year! I always use plant based protein powders and also make sure that they’re made from natural ingredients with no added nasties in there. If they do have additional greens thrown in as well, then that’s even better! Obviously the taste is important too; I usually go for either a vanilla or chocolate flavour, as these are the most readily available vegan protein flavours and usually taste the nicest in my experience. Adding protein powder into a dessert is something that I’ve been really liking recently, as not only does it help get a little more protein into my diet, but also kind of balances out the other macronutrients (only a little mind you), but desserts are typically most fats and carbs.. so it’s nice to add a little bit of protein in there too. 

Another interesting little ingredient that i’ve incorporated in here is matcha powder, which is basically like a stronger, more concentrated form of green tea (not the best explanation I know ha!) I’ve been really enjoying using matcha recently to make matcha lattes as a coffee alternative and it has such a beautiful vibrant green colour which I love! The protein that I’ve used here is actually green also, so the matcha really intensifies this colour, as well as adding an extra nutritional boost. Obviously, what delicious dessert bar would be complete without a good coating of raw chocolate? So that’s exactly what I’ve done and added some glorious crushed pistachios on top for a nice bit of crunch and pop of gorgeous vibrant colour. 



Top tips – If you use a wire rack then it will allow the excess chocolate to drip off.
– I like to hold the bars and drizzle chocolate over them rather than roll them, as this prevents as much excess coconut getting into the chocolate.
– When you’re finished, rinse the chocolate mixing bowl/pan with hot water and it will pretty much wash straight off.



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