PB & J Protein Doughnuts

I created a simple protein doughnut recipe a little while back, but this somehow got lost in the wings and then just ended up getting forgotten about. Nevertheless, this morning I decided to whip up another batch of these beauties and give making protein doughnuts another try! The protein that I’ve used here is actually raspberry and vanilla flavoured; a little different, I know.. but it’s so delicious! For the other part of the classic PB & J flavour combo, I’ve garnished each of the doughnuts with a creamy honey peanut frosting, along with some crushed nuts for an extra bitta’ crunch! 

There are a few things that make these doughnuts extra special; starting with just how easy they are to make. You can pretty much throw everything into your blender, blitz away and you’re ready bake! No need for carefully folding ingredients together and leaving dough to rest.. with these you’re pretty much good to go straight away! And.. they only take about 15 minutes to cook in the oven as well! I mean, what more could you want? Another great thing about these, is that you could even enjoy them for breakfast, as they’re very similar to a protein pancake mixture. Both are delicious of course, but I think having doughnuts for breakfast makes things that little bit more exciting, or maybe that’s just me! When I’m making any kind of protein treats like this, the main ingredients that are typically my go-tos would be: rolled oats, vegan protein powder, bananas and then eggs to help bind everything together. Oats are a great ingredient to include in baking, as they’re widely available in virtually all supermarkets, are affordable and are a source of fibre and good carbs. For the protein powders, I nearly always opt for vegan blends, not because I’m intolerant or vegan, I just tend to prefer the taste of these and how they feel on my stomach. There are lots of incredible vegan protein powders on the market at the moment, so we’re pretty spoilt for choice. 

You could, of course garnish these however you want, but I would definitely recommend giving this peanut butter frosting a try if you’re a fan of PB & J.. who isn’t?! It’s possibly one of the simplest frostings that I’ve made to date and yet, is so sweet, creamy and just velvety smooth! Alls you will need is three simple ingredients: coconut cream, smooth peanut butter and honey or brown rice syrup. So simple, yet SO good! 


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