Paleo Pumpkin Spice Waffles

You’re probably sick of seeing of seeing pumpkin taking over my social media feed at the moment, so apologies if you’re not as pumpkin obsessed as I am! I just can’t get enough of all of the warming festive recipes around right now.. they’re getting me so in the mood for Autumn and then of course, the run up to Christmas! Yep, I’m that person who’s been out buying Christmas decorations already! Funny story actually, I purchased quite a few baubles for my first ever Christmas tree in my own apartment and I’ve managed to break two of them! I just don’t understand how I do these things?! Moving on from my Christmas antics.. lets talk about these waffles! 

I’ve been playing around with this recipe for a little while and wanted to make sure that it was just right for you guys.. and I thin I’ve just about nailed it now! These are soft, fluffy, slightly sweet and filled with festive spices! They’re also extremely delicious when topped with an extra generous drizzle of Pic’s Almond Butter. Then again.. what doesn’t go well with almond butter eh? I’m such a nut butter fan and literally go through jars of the stuff every week in recipes and just for my general day to day food. I’m currently undecided as to what my favourite flavour is at the moment.. I do love the good old cashew and almond butters, but then coconut nut butters are also pretty incredible too! I think if push came to shove and I had to choose, it would probably be just plain cashew and almond butter. They’re super creamy and you can include them in virtually any type of recipe.. I could honestly eat nut butter with anything! How about you guys, what are your favourites? 

These would make an excellent weekend breakfast if you want to treat a loved one or maybe just treat yourself. I mean, what better way to start the weekend than a tempting plate filled with freshly made waffles ready to enjoy in bed? I’m now sitting here wishing that someone would bring me a plate of waffles in bed tomorrow morning. However, tomorrow is Thursday and not the weekend.. oh, and I’m 90% sure that my boyfriend has never made waffles in his life. WELL, with that being said, I guess he could always have a read of this post and follow the recipe. Hint hint. Even if you don’t want to make these for someone or even share them for that matter, you should definitely give them a go and treat yourself this Saturday! Your home will be filled with the delectable scents of Autumn and your belly filled with tasty waffles! 

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