Orange infused teriyaki salmon


Teriyaki dishes are one of my favourite things to choose when i’m eating out, as I just adore the powerful flavour combinations of the sweet, citrus and slight saltiness. This is a little twist on your average teriyaki sauce, as i’ve added in some orange juice to give a different citrus twist to the mix, as well as a subtle hint of sweetness. You can often get many different variations of teriyaki dishes, but I think salmon would have to be my favourites, as it’s one of my all time favourite fish. Salmon is also a great source of healthy fats, so is something that I try and include in my diet at least twice a week. 



I’m actually pretty surprised as just how quick and easy that this dish is to whip up, so I can now enjoy one of my favourite restaurant dishes from the comfort of my own home and with very minimal effort involved. You also won’t need an extensive list of extravegant ingredients for this either, which is always nice when it comes to a weeknight meal because who wants to spend hours slaving over dinner every evening?




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