One Pan Porcini Mushroom Pasta

I’ve been making so many one pan pastas at the moment and I don’t think I’m going to be stopping anytime soon. They’re really quick and convenient to throw together, great if you don’t want to fuss around spend ages prepping food and also, require very minimal washing up.

Now that we’re all spending a lot more time at home and will most likely be trying to cook with lots of long life and store cupboard ingredients. This pasta is perfect for just that and still helps you get some veggies into your meal, without having to use fresh produce. These dried porcini mushrooms from Cooks&Co are a great way to add an incredible burst of flavour to dishes like: soups, noodles, broths, pastas and stews. They’re something that you can keep on hand in your kitchen cupboard to use in an abundance of dishes after simply soaking them in water.

This is a great dish if you’re looking to whip up something for a quick work-from home lunch that’s not a sandwich or salad. You could also cook up a large batch for a cosy family dinner to serve with some vegan garlic bread.

Despite being completely plant based, this is honestly one of the creamiest one pan pastas I’ve ever made.. and obviously without any cream! Stirring through the cashew butter creates the dreamiest, most delicious sauce within minutes and doesn’t require any blending or time spent making a roux.

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