One Pan Creamy Olive & Brussel Sprout Pasta

I can’t quite believe that this is actually the first one pan pasta recipe that I’ve ever made. These are so quick and convenient because they really do exactly what they say on the tin. You can just toss everything into a single pan and leave it to cook without having to slave over the stove for hours on end.

Despite it’s simplicity, the pasta dish is packed with an incredible array of flavours and you’re also left with an amazing creamy sauce, without actually needing to add in or make any actual pasta sauce. Something as simple as a vegetable stock cube is a great way to boost flavour in a dish in an instant.

You’ll also notice that I’ve started to introduce one of my favourite festive veggies here.. Brussel sprouts. Like so many people, I was certainly not a fan of these growing up, however now I can’t get enough of them around this time of year. It’s all about how they’re cooked for me, so I don’t blame you for not being excited about plain, boiled sprouts at the Christmas dinner table. However, if you sauté these with lots of garlic, or roast them in the oven they’re such a tasty little vegetable!

Another super quick and easy way to add flavour into savoury dishes and something that I use all the time in pasta recipes, is olives! They just have such an incredible hit of savoury flavour and add that extra depth into any dish! For this recipe I’ve used a filled olive that have Piquillo Pepper in the centre (SO good by the way!) but you could also use something with chorizo if you fancied it!

This is a really handy recipe if you’re after a fuss free weeknight dinner or something quick to whip up for lunch with a friend. Pastas are also a fantastic meal prep option, because you can simply toss a huge batch of everything into a large pot and leave it to do it’s magic whilst you get on with the rest of your evening!

Ingredients- Serves 2-4 people


Finely dice the onion and add this into a large pan with a tbsp of olive oil.

Cook until the onions are softened. Slice the sprouts and mushrooms, then add these into the pan also. Grate in the garlic cloves and sauté everything until golden brown.

Now, add in your pasta and pour in the water and stock cube. Leave this to cook and allow the pasta to boil until completely cooked and most of the liquid is absorbed. This should form a super creamy, delicious sauce without even needing to add anything extra!

Season to taste with black pepper (I don’t find that this dish needs any extra salt after using the stock cube, but this is personal preference).

Serve the pasta with some fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil.

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