No-bake Cashew Butterscotch Tart

Right.. lets take a moment of appreciation for Butterscotch tart right here. This brings back many fond memories for me as a child and was definitely a firm favourite sweet treat! There was an amazing local bakery down the road from where I used live and they used to make the most incredible butterscotch tart slices, that they would package in a really cute brown cardboard box. I used to love making little trips down to the bakery, as everything was lovely and fresh and the whole place just smelled heavenly. The smell of baked goods is possibly one of the best scents ever, wouldn’t you agree? This version of Butterscotch Tart is really rather different to the traditional kind, as it’s actually completely vegan and refined sugar free! The key ingredient for that ultra creamy, decadent caramel filling is in fact; Pic’s Cashew butter. Now, it’s no secret that I’m a huge nut butter addict.. and when I say this, I mean I have a whole cupboard dedicated to nut butter. And it’s full. Really, really full. I’m absolutely obsessed with Pic’s Peanut Butter, so you can imagine how I felt when I discovered that they also make cashew and almond butter. I mean.. Christmas has basically come early! 

These nut butters are actually really unique in comparison to lots of other brands that I’ve tried before. Both the almond and cashew butter are literally SO creamy and smooth.. and I mean seriously creamy! With so many nut butters on the market, that perfect texture is definitely something that I look out for.. and these ones have it down to a T!

Right, so more on the butterscotch tart then! I’ve started off with a nutty chocolate base, topped with a sweet date and cashew butter caramel. Just to add even more chocolate, of course I’ve sprinkled on some chopped shards of dark chocolate for that extra bit of crunch and rich flavour. This was a huge hit with everyone who tried it this week, so something tells me I’ll have to have this recipe on repeat for the next few months! The Autumn and Winter months are definitely those for comforting, indulgent dishes.. and this certainly ticks both of those boxes! It’s hard to believe that it’s made from natural ingredients and sweetened with dates! 


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