My winter skincare routine

Along with fitness and food, another one of my main interests is beauty and skincare. In fact, I actually starting reading beauty blogs and watching make up tutorials before anything else on social media. Since developing such a passion for health, I was keen to begin switching up my regular beauty regime, to include a few more natural products because I really believe that what you’r putting onto your skin on the outside of the body can be just as important as what you’re feeding it on the inside. I’ve been incredibly lucky with my over the years and have never suffered with particularly problematic skin. I would generally say that my skin is combination and I do get oily in some places like around the t-zone area. I used to suffer a lot with dry skin, but since taking good care of my skin and improving my diet, this has become a thing of the past. However, I do always notice a change in my skin when the weather changes; even over the last few days my skin hasn’t reacted well to the drop in temperature we’re currently experiencing. 

I’ve collaborated with Naturisimo, to share with you the products that I’ve been using on my skin this winter to keep it feeling hydrated and nourished- and I have to say, I feel like I’ve finally found a skincare routine that really agrees with my skin and that I’m loving. In case you’re not already familiar with Naturisimo, they’re an online store selling a wide selection of amazing natural beauty and skincare products. There’s so many incredible products to choose from, I could definitely browse their site all day (that could end up being a little dangerous!). All of the products arrived beautifully packaged in a really cute little box- it was just like Christmas!

I’ve never been one for using loads of different products and tend to keep things pretty simple. My morning and evening skincare routines don’t really differ all that much either- other than in the evening I will remove my makeup before cleansing and sometimes do a coconut oil facemask (not as fancy as it sounds, I literally just put coconut oil on my face and sleep in it!) So, without further a do, I wanted to share with you a few of my current favourite products that I feel have actually made a visible difference to my skin. Oh, and before I start, I actually wanted to mention that although I have used skincare that I have enjoyed before, I’ve never really used something in particular that had a noticeable impact on my skin, so to me it didn’t really make much of a difference what I used. I’m very picky about the products that I recommend and would only write about something that I honestly believed in and genuinely love and these products definitely fit the bill here. I’ve also had so many people commenting on my skin lately and asking what products I’ve been using which is always a nice thing to hear! 

Step 1: The majority of the products that I talk about in this post are from a brand called Juice Beauty and are part of one of their latest ranges: The Stem Cellular range. Although this is an anti-aging range I believe and I am only 22, I believe in prevention rather than actually being able to erase ageing all together. First off, I start by cleansing my face with their 2 in 1 cleanser  which also removes make up and tones the skin. I find this actually does a really good job of taking of my face makeup, whilst still feeling gentle on my skin and never leaves it feeling stripped and dry. All of these products also have an amazing fresh, fruity scent which is lovely first thing in the morning and helps to make me feel a lot more awake and refreshed first thing. They also contain a whole host of organic and vitamin rich ingredients like apple and grape juices, providing vitamins A,B,C & E. 

Step 2: Every 2-3 days I will usually use an exfoliator as well, to give my face a little more of a deep clean and the one that I’ve been really liking recently is from Nourish. I like this scrub in particular because it’s really mild and gentle on the skin, whereas some scrubs can feel a little too rough for my likings and irritate my skin. This is a 3-in 1 products that can be used as a treatment and face mask and is their kale enzymatic exfoliating cleanser with pomegranate enzymes. If i’m just using this as scrub, I will simply massage it around the face in small circular motions, then rinse clean with warm water. This stuff leaves my skin feeling super soft and refreshed, without that dry, tight feeling. The scent is also really pleasant and mallow, so no harsh perfumes to be found here!

Step 3: After I’ve finished with the cleansing portion of my skincare routine, I’ve been using a combination of the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular serum and moisturiser. Depending on how my skins feeling on that particular day, I will either use both of these (if I feel it needs a little more hydration) or just the moisturiser. Both of these have that incredible fresh, citrus scent and feel incredible on the skin. I’d never really been one to use serums, but now I’m a definitely converted. On application, it feels incredibly cooling and really soaks into the skin, so doesn’t leave my face feeling heavily caked in product. If you have slightly oilier skin, then you might be able to get away with just using this on it’s own; as it’s moisturising, yet still really light.

Step 4: I then love to follow this up with the moisturiser, which is really refreshing, but still lovely and creamy. It comes in one of those pots where you press down the top (terrible description I know!) and it pumps the product out, which is a little more hygienic and less messy. This is probably my favourite product from the lot and one that I have been using every day without fail. I’ve been using this as both a morning and night time moisturiser and it works beautifully underneath makeup too! I find that it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, yet not too greasy that it will effect my makeup application. Personally I don’t tend to use make up primers, so a good moisturiser is a real must for me! 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my current winter skincare routine and the products that I’ve been enjoying using. I’ve genuinely been so impressed with all of the products mentioned above and have finally found a simple, yet effective little skincare regime that I love! 


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