My New Cookbook

I’m so exited to tell you guys that I wrote a cookbook! For the past two years, this has been something that I’ve been working on day and night, to share some of my favourite vegan baking recipes with you! Writing a cookbook has been one of my main goals since starting Charley’s Health and often I can’t quite believe that it’s happened and I’m able to hold my very own cookbook in my hands! 

In this post, I wanted to give you a little insight into the book and the kinds of recipes you can expect to find there! Whether you’re looking for a something quick and simple or.a show stopping celebration dessert, there’s something for you. 

What's included in my new cookbook?

  • 60+ recipes for plant based cakes for all occasions 
  • A vegan baking shopping list containing all of my key pantry staples 
  • Photos with EVERY recipe! 
  • Different styles of cakes for every possible occasion
  • Recipes for all baking abilities
  • Quick and simple bakes which can be made in 30 minutes or less 
  • Cakes for special occasions: Christmas, easter and birthdays 
  • Step by step guides on how to make all of my favourite frostings, sauces and toppings! 

Common questions about the cookbook

  • Is the book gluten free?
    No, the cookbook is not GF, so if that is a requirement then this will sadly not be for you. Some of the recipes can be switched for GF flour, but they haven’t been strictly tested that way. 
  • Where can I order the book? 
    You can place pre-orders for the book now using the links below. You can order in both the UK & US. 
  • What if I’ve never baked before? 
    There are lots of recipes in the book which are suitable for beginner bakers and are honestly so simple to make! Plus, I’ve tried to keep most of the ingredients nice and simple, so you won’t be having to buy anything unusual to only use once! 

Pre-order the book

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My cookbook is out now!

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