Muscle Food- Do The Unthinkable Review

This is a bit of a different kinda of post today and something that I actually haven’t done in a really long time. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be given the chance to try out meals and other products from Muscle Food’s ‘Do The Unthinkable’ program. This basically a combination of fitness and food systems to help you feel your best and transform your lifestyle to make healthier choices. This isn’t a classic diet program or series of meal replacement shakes- absolutely not! Instead this offers a wide variety of healthy meals, snacks and kits to cook your own dishes with fresh ingredients from scratch. I’ve been trying out program for the last couple of months, so thought I’d let you know my thoughts.


First of all, lets talk a little bit more about how it works. In terms of foods, you can choose your meals from the selection on their website and if you like, you can select everything ready prepared, so this really couldn’t make things simpler for you to stay on track with your goals. The meals are already prepped and packaged for you, so all you need to do is heat them up and you’re good to go. I found that there was such a great selection of both meat & seafood options, so there was always lots for me to choose from depending on my mood. All of the macros and nutritional info can be found on the front of the containers, so it’s easy to track if you’d like to.

I know that eating well can sometimes be slightly more difficult if you’re always on the go and don’t necessarily have lots of time to spend preparing food. If you’re really tired and hungry, then you’re probably more likely to reach for something quick and convenient, which might not always be the healthiest option. These meals make is really easy to make sure that you’ll always have something nutritious on hand. The plan also includes a great choice of snacks, which are super handy to carry around with you and also allow you to still be able to enjoy treats here and there!


In terms of the training, there are optional workouts provided, as well as you having access to a team of personal trainers. This is great if you’re new to training or need some fresh inspiration and ideas to get you motivated. Having the support from their professionals is also something which I think is so valuable so that you don’t feel alone on your journey and will always have people to encourage and inspire you. Starting out with training and/or going to the gym can be nerve wracking and sometimes intimidating, so it’s great that this program also provides structure and support in this area.


Something else that I thought was really great about this program, was that all of the members have access to a private community, which is a great opportunity to interact with other people taking part. I’ve often found that it’s helpful to have other people around you, as this personally helps me to feel more motivated and part of a community.

Overall, I was really impressed with the ‘Do The Unthinkable’ program that Muscle Food have introduced and if you want to find out more about this, then I’ve popped a link to their site here. Obviously food is my main focus on the blog and I was so happy to see that they offer such a wide variety of incredible dishes to choose from. Variety and creativity is something that I know people often struggle with when it comes to dieting and things can get a little bit monotonous. However, I feel that with this program, this would definitely not be the case and I felt spoilt for choice the whole time!

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