Miso Pea & Kale Soup

This might just be the perfect January recipe. Quick and simple to make, packed with green goodness and nice and warming for a cosy evening on the sofa. I love making soups at this time of year and they’re a great way to cram in a few portions of veggies; which is definitely something that I need after a couple of weeks with a considerably high chocolate consumption.

Although this soup does indeed look very green, it honestly doesn’t taste it! I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to guess there’s a few heaped handfuls of kale in here at all! The sweetness from the peas and salty kick of miso paste pack such a delicious punch of flavour- which, I have discovered also works as a delicious combination for an asian inspired pea puree. Frozen peas are a staple ingredient for me to have stashed in the freezer at all times. They’re super affordable, a good source of Vitamin C and can quickly be thrown into all manners of dishes for some sneaky extra greens!

I’m really trying to focus on saving money this month, especially when it comes to the food shopping. I’m undoubtedly that person that will pop into the supermarket on the way home (from anywhere) to pick up one item for dinner, which then turns into a fairly substantial food shop. One of my goals for the new year is to be more conscious with what food I’m buying and be more efficient with my meal planning and batch cooking. I actually find quite a lot of satisfaction in creating a dish purely from random ingredients that I’ve had to forage around in the back of my fridge for. I see it as a bit of a creative challenge and sometimes end up with some quite unusual, yet completely delicious new recipes!

I think the point in that paragraph of waffle was, soups are a great example of a meal that you can prepare in large batches for lunch or dinner throughout the week. They’re a great thing to take to work ready to heat up; which will not only save you money but also insures that you’re eating a nutrient dense meal.

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